Episode 39: Exploring Light and Dark Eros with Lucia Gabriela

Episode 38: Body Shame Affects Men Too

Episode 37: Empowering Fertility Awareness with Sam Leeson

Episode 36: The Burlesque Hall of Fame with Museum Director Dustin M. Wax

Episode 33: Lingerie with Luna Pearl

Episode 32: Pleasure Healing with Valerie Schrader

Episode 31: Yin Yoga for Sexual Health with Katherine Zitterbart

Episode 32: Tell All with Baggins

Episode 30: OCD & Intimacy with Sarah Hazelton

Episode 29: Nonmonogamy and Neurodiversity: A Match Made in Brain Heaven

Episode 28: A Tell All + with d20Domme

Episode 27: Kaytlin Bailey from Old Pros

Episode 26: Gwyn on “Bitch You Need to Hear This” with Katie Ploss

Episode 25: Updates and Listener Questions

Episode 24: Essential Oils to Ease Peri- & Menopause Symptoms with Kim Benoy

Episode 23: Ask Auntie Julia – Working with Teens with Julia Sheldon

Episode 22: Using Oracles to Inspire Play & Venus in Gemini with Linda River Valente

Episode 21: Melody Joyce – Pleasure is Healing

Episode 20: Keep it REAL for Consistently Great Sex

Episode 19: PCOS with The Hormone Dietitian, Melissa Grove Azzaro

Episode 18: Relationship and Romance Expert Alicia Davon

Episode 17: Tell All with Aetherius

Episode 16: Why Pleasure is Important!

Episode 15: Chronic Pain & Sex with Angel Rowe

Episode 14: Tell All with Shahn

Episode 14: Donor Conceived Reunion

Episode 13: InnThrall B&B – With Innkeeper Kathleen Ashford

Episode 12: What is Transpersonal Coaching with Erik House

Episode 11: Intersectional Coaching with Angela Locashio

Episode 10: Tell All with Wanda

Episode 9: Sexual Healing with Nannette Minley

Episode 8: The Clitardis

Episode 6: Astrology with Linda River Valente

Episode 5: Ico & The Enlightened Consent Foundation

Episode 3: Tidbits with Shahn

Episode 2: Tell All with E

Episode 1: Introducing… What Excites Us!