Pleasure is a Divine Birthright!


one little word brings so much pain, shame, and confusion.

But, also creates Life, Joy, & Intimacy!

Hi, I’m Sex Fairy Gwyn, and I want to help you find your sexual bliss!

Are you worried about what turns you on not being normal?

Are you missing the pleasure and intimacy you used to enjoy?

I could go on, but you tell me... What’s not working for you?

With coaching, we can work together to bring you the greatest amount of pleasure, because joy is a birthright! Email me to discuss the possibilities!

Accepting and expressing my sexuality changed my life!

Would you like to experiment with something a little (or a lot) kinky?

Looking to uplevel skills and expertise?

Do you have a class/group/community space that could benefit from learning concepts and techniques?

Classes and workshops are available for a wide range of interests and groups!

Untangling our desires can free our minds!

Imagine a world where we are all happy and satisfied in our personal lives! I am sure there would be more kindness and less anger towards each other.

Are you ready to find your bliss?

You CAN have a Healthy Happy Sex Life!