Episode 41: Tell all with FinDom Master Arch

Master Arch is my guest for this episode. He is an OG findom and lifetime sex worker who identifies as an emotional sadist and slut. He’s constantly pushing the envelope in content creation and in how he shows up in his fetish work.

This conversation is not for the faint at heart or timid sexual explorer.

We dive into some extreme play talk and views on being a dom, living life to the fullest, and exploration of mining trauma for play. Arch describes himself as an arrogant master financial dom who knows what he wants and has clients who provide it for him. I ask that if you choose to listen you do so with an open mind. You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but to be able to understand you do need to truly hear.

To learn more about Master Arch he can be found on
Twitter at @AllForArch
He is MasterArch on FetLife
Or his website is www.AllForMasterArch.com

We met online as a part of a Facebook group for sex professionals who have been to Sex Geek Summer Camp, a wonderful place to learn how to better promote your sexuality business, and network.
Find out more at sexgeeksummercamp.com

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