Episode 4: Ico & The Enlightened Consent Foundation

This episode is a good one for sexuality professionals, as well as everyone else because I am talking with Ico, the wandering love mystic, about his upcoming summit to help coaches, etc. build a better business, and we discuss the enlightened consent foundation as well as his coaching practices. See, something for most everyone.

Ico, which stands for the Incredible Caring Organism, is the founder of Enlightened Consent Foundation, which provides kinky, polyamorous and LGBTQ+ identified individuals with transformative experiences and supportive resources so they get to experience being completely seen, honored, and loved to co-create a world where everyone feels that they belong.

Websites mentioned:

The Enlightened Consent Foundation – enlightenedconsent.org

Ico’s Coaching and Speaking Site, including his freemium to help you figure out your sexual desires – enlightenedconsent.net

Check out the Good Girls Talk About Sex Podcast by Leah Carey – https://www.goodgirlstalk.com/

All music is used under the creative commons attribution license.

The Vendetta by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2018 http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/JeffSpeed68/58628 Ft: Apoxode

Harmony by PolyPlus (c) copyright 2021 http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/polyplus/63962

Naughty Marietta by the Victor Herbert Orchestra – Found on the Free Music Archive

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