Episode 36: Empowering Fertility Awareness with Sam Leeson

Join my guest Sam Leeson and I as we discuss the importance of fertility awareness whether you want or don’t want to conceive. How being knowledgeable in how your body works plays a part in that, and how to teach children to be comfortable with their bodies and what their bodies may do.

Sam’s expertise in family planning with and as a member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, leads to some great conversation around hormones and how they affect all of us, and how to potentially handle some of what comes up for trans folks, among other things. Sam Leeson has dedicated herself to supporting individuals and couples for over two decades, providing education, coaching, and guidance to those looking to start or expand their families.

As the founder of babyREADY (including babyREADYlgbtq), she has helped hundreds of people navigate the journey of parenthood.

Visit www.babyREADY.info for more information about Sam and her organization.

And don’t forget to visit whatexcitesus.com

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