Episode 20: Keep it REAL for Consistently Great Sex

This episode is my framework for helping you have great sex by keeping it REAL. While I do mean being in your body and the present moment, REAL is also an acronym. R is to encourage you to redefine what you consider sex, E stands for Evaluate what your desired outcomes are for the sex you are about to have, A is to remind you to Align with yourself and your partners, and L is about leaving everything else at the door.

In the episode I talk about how cheesy I am and my new tattoo that emphasizes that. I offer permission to you, and I reference a few folks who have influenced this discussion.

To see the tattoo, get the permission slip, or talk back to me please visit the show webpage whatexcitesus.com

Emily Nagoski and her book Come As You Are is available at:

Here is the list of reasons some folks have had sex

I think this is the episode of the American Sex Podcast with Sunny Megatron that I reference, but really most episodes of this podcast are fantastic, and certainly the ones with Midori

For more about Midori

And the video of How to train to Monkey Mind

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