Booking Calendar

Awesome! This is all about you, so we’ll start with a time that is good for you.

Find a 15-minute time block where you can have privacy, in a comfortable place, so we can have a conversation, and sign up.

I’ll call you, either on the phone, or online, and we can chat. We’ll set some basic ground rules, talk about what’s bothering you, and determine if we will work well together. 

** Special note to those who are EXTREMELY shy, we can do this via text, although it’s not quite as clear, and more time-consuming. But, if the idea of a phone call makes you want to hide in your blanket fort, I get it. Please go ahead and find a time (please choose a time that has 2 blocks available), and indicate you need to text on the form, and we’ll make it work. 

YAY! I look forward to talking to you soon!