• Has the spark gone out of your relationship?
  • Are you struggling with your changing and aging body, or just not feeling sexy anymore?
  • Maybe a new baby is leaving you feeling touched out?
  • Perhaps you want to explore some new sexual expressions, but don't know how to talk to your partner about it?
  • Is your partner interested in expanding to an 'open relationship,' and you don't have great feelings about it?
  • Maybe you are not having sex with others and would like to learn how to please yourself more thoroughly?
  • Or, any of the other concerns that frustrate us?
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Do you feel like you on the road to nowhere?

You are NORMAL! I promise.

And... I can help.

Through coaching, we will work together to find solutions to your problems. You can be having the incredible sex you deserve! And you don't ever have to leave the comfort of your couch!

If you have an Apple phone come find me on Juicebox (available at the app store), by using the code GWYN when you sign up. If you are an Android user or would prefer email you can connect with me at

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Are you ready to feel good about sex again (or maybe for the first time)?!