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Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls by Mona Darling – Book Review

I love this book!

As a sex educator who is kinky and interested in helping those who may be investigating the wild world of BDSM, one of my first thoughts was… I was going to write this book, but now I don’t have to!

Ms. Darling took this subject away from the scary, intense, black and red colored manner it is often presented to create a relaxed and comfortable read. The information is presented in manageable chunks interspersed with lots of blank lined pages for journaling. Written for those who are just beginning to consider playing with kink, the author does a fantastic job of starting with basic concepts and moving the reader all the way through trying specific activities for people interested in either topping or bottoming (or both).

coloring page and text from Mona Darling's book Kinky Sex Tips for Curious girlsThe coloring pages and other pencil activities such as word searches and crossword puzzles make it light-hearted and fun to have around. It is the type of book that I would keep on my coffee table (if I didn’t have young kids) to play with in my downtime. In fact, I would love it if there was just a coloring/activity book of the images!

I devoured this book, finishing it in two days, even finding new tidbits of fun to try myself. The only issue I have with it is the lack of page numbers, but a pack of bookmarker post-it notes could fix my concern. “Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls” isn’t just for girls, but for anyone who enjoys the flowery side of life. It would make a great conversation starter or pillow talk inspiration with your partner; it is also just fun to read and play with and color!

In short, I highly recommend this book!  
If you buy it through this link, I will get a tiny amount from Amazon, so you can have the pleasure of supporting two kinky sex educators! 

Book Review

The Little Vanilla Book: S&M Wisdom to Improve Your Daily Life – Review

Today I finished a lovely little book: The Little Vanilla Book: S&M Wisdom to Improve Your Daily Life by Lux Alani

Normally, picking up a book with ‘S&M’ and a corset on the cover seems quite racy, I assure you this one is more about the life wisdom than BDSM. Ms. Alani spent time as a professional dominatrix and draws on that experience and language to offer the reader some useful insights towards personal growth.

The author brakes down basic personal growth into bite-sized chunks. She takes weighty topics, such as confidence, authenticity, and courage and makes them accessible and easy to digest. Citing many amazing inspirational artists, she also includes a great bibliography and BDSM glossary for those who would like to know more.

Clearly aimed at women, she often reminds us that we are all Sacred Feminine Badasses! Because she uses her personal life experience, it doesn’t feel like she is telling us what “we should” be doing. Her tone is similar to your older cousin or babysitter who has done all the things! And, like many good tales, there are bonus stories along the way (even an after credits one).

Ok Goddess… Lace up, and rock it!

(If you are interested in checking out the book, I would appreciate if you clicked on the link, as I will get a teeny tiny kickback from Amazon. Thank You!)