Hormonal by Martie Haselton PhD.


The full title of this book is Hormonal: The Hidden Intelligence of Hormones - how they drive desire, shape relationships, influence our choices, and make us wiser. Whew…

Clearly aimed at women, specifically, late maiden to mother-aged women, the author provides the layperson a good overview of what is happening in the world of hormonal science and what (some) of those scientists are studying. It is written with a light tone that is easy to read. The information she shares is accessible and interesting. She provides the reader with scientific conclusions to studies performed in her lab at UCLA as well as some colleagues’ work when it fits the narrative.

Because it is written by a scientist, she makes very few absolute statements. However many of the findings point towards the biological reasons women find themselves attracted to the bad boy sometimes and the potential lime mate others. One of the most fascinating concepts I learned about was why we get competitive with other women and how it likely goes back to tribal times.


If you find yourself “why” you or your uterus carrying friend acts in certain ways on occasion, then this book may be able to help you figure it out.


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