About Gwyn


Gwyn Isaacs is a certified sexologist, sex coach, and educator at Earthly Desire. She enjoys working one-on-one with clients as well as speaking with and presenting to groups and organizations. She is determined to help those who don’t fit in, who think they are ‘too much,’ are socially awkward, or are confused about their sexual interests, so they don’t suffer the way she did.

Gwyn loves helping people figure out how to enjoy their own personally fulfilling sex lives. She believes everyone has the right to sexual pleasure. When we are individually joyful and satisfied, we radiate that happiness to others around us.

While coaching, Gwyn’s focus is helping her clients discover their unique self-expression, releasing shame, and teaching skills to allow deeper communication and exploration in the bedroom. Frequent remarks include ‘she helped me untangle my thoughts,’ and ‘sex seems less daunting now.’ She has extensive experience in the fields of BDSM, polyamory, and ‘alternative sexual expressions.’ and is happy to help you navigate what excites you from mild to wild!

Gwyn has taught sex-ed at homeschooling coalitions across New England. Teaching younger children how to become better equipped to manage their bodies, boundaries, and communication sets them up for positive interactions. With teens and young adults, she builds on that to include information about the realities of healthy sexuality, basic media literacy, porn literacy and consent. Likewise, she advises parents how to speak plainly and honestly about sexuality with their children to ensure open dialog for healthy discussion and information exchange.

She is presently building her presentation portfolio and is available to speak on a wide variety of subjects. General topics include ‘Why Consent Matters,’ ‘What is Toxic Masculinity,’ and ‘My Honey Wants Me to Do What?’ Specific technique workshops range from ‘Loving and Pleasing a Vulva,’ to ‘BDSM 101.’ For more topics or information contact her at gwyn@earthlydesire.com.

Gwyn considers herself a second generation hippie, even though she was raised in Las Vegas, spending her formative years in the punk scene. She has a BA from Goddard College, a Professional Genealogy Certificate from Boston University, and used to own a vintage store. She is honored to have studied with Dr. Patti Britton at Sex Coach U. At home, Gwyn is raising a large blended family of creative free-spirited kids, who are learning to love vinyl records, put up with her Doctor Who obsession and still need to be prompted to do the dishes.


You can learn more about Gwyn at https://earthlydesire.com or https://www.facebook.com/SexFairyGwyn


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