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Would you like to have a personal coach to help you with those intimate concerns or questions right in your back pocket?

Feel liberated in your sex life - a woman peers looks over the ocean with her hands outstretched

We can all agree that what is offered as sex ed in school is limited at best, and you might not have even had that! Did anyone in your life ever talk to you about how to create pleasure with sex, or let you know that you are entitled to it? Well, you are.

One easy way to learn is to join Juicebox, an anonymous text-based coaching app, available now on the app store. It’s free to join, and entirely reasonably priced to have full access to all the resources, including a coach who is dedicated to helping achieve unlimited bliss!

I’m thrilled to be a Sexpert on Juicebox! You can ask me all sorts of questions, and we can have great text conversations, and neither of us has to get dressed! AND if you use the code GWYN, you get 60% off your first week, and it’s guaranteed we will work together. (If you decide you’d rather work with another coach at any point, I won’t be offended, I promise. But you should still use the code to get the coupon, I mean, really, 60% off!)

Work with me on your phone
Don’t forget to use code GWYN for a 60% discount on your first weeks’ membership
Chat with me from your couch - join Juicebox
Anytime Anywhere Text-Based Sex Coaching

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